Canids Specialist Group

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Canid Biology & Conservation

Formerly Canid News Online

A peer-reviewed online journal on the biology and conservation of the Canidae Published by the University of Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit

A peer-reviewed, online scientific journal devoted to the rapid dissemination of current research on all wild species of the family Canidae (wolves, dogs, jackals and foxes).

The goal of CBC is to include high-quality articles that not only convey the excitement of canid biology, but also inform upon new and interesting aspects of canid behaviour and ecology and address important conservation problems. 

20.9 The golden jackal in Slovakia
by Marián Slamka, Peter Kaštier and Matej Schwarz
(pdf 1.12mb)
20.8 Latency to first detection of kit foxes during camera surveys
by Tory L. Westall and Brian L. Cypher
(pdf 456.81kb)
20.7 Return of the wolf to the Nyesyang Valley, Manang District, Nepal
by Rinzin Phunjok Lama, Tashi R. Ghale, Ganga Ram Regmi, Madan K. Suwal and Tenzing Lama
(pdf 492.95kb)
20.6 Association between an Arabian wolf and a domestic dog in central Saudi Arabia
by Chris Barichievy, Shayne Clugston and Robert Sheldon
(pdf 772.64kb)
20.5 Implications of teenagers’ attitudes toward maned wolf conservation in Brazil
by Adriana Consorte-McCrea, Dennis Nigbur and Alistair J. Bath
(pdf 867.01kb)