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Canid Biology & Conservation

Recent Issues

20.1 Home range size of the dhole estimated from camera-trap surveys
by Arjun Srivathsa, N. Samba Kumar and K. Ullas Karanth
(pdf 424.67kb)
19.5 Occupancy and range extension of the Cape fox in northern Botswana
by Lindsey N. Rich, Marcella J. Kelly, David A.W. Miller, J. Weldon McNutt and Hugh S. Robinson
(pdf 690.81kb)
19.4 Distribution update for Tibetan fox in western Nepal
by Geraldine Werhahn, Naresh Kusi, Adarsh Man Sherchan, Dibesh Karmacharya and Helen Senn
(pdf 608.39kb)
19.3 Highest elevation record for the crab-eating fox
by Sergio Escobar-Lasso, Julio Andrés Sierra-Giraldo, Margarita Gil-Fernández and Hansel Herrera
(pdf 611.66kb)