Canids Specialist Group

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IUCN SSC Canid Specialist Group

The CSG is the world's chief body of scientific and practical expertise on the status and conservation of all canid species.

Our mission is to promote the long-term conservation of all wild Canidae species throughout their ranges

Five of the 35 canid taxa are threatened: Darwin's fox and red wolf are listed as Critically Endangered, while Ethiopian wolf, African wild dog and dhole are Endangered. The bush dog, maned wolf, Sechura fox, short-eared dog, and island fox are listed as Near Threatened. Others are rare and even declining, while many wild canids are too common for their own good, and thus are involved in major wildlife management issues (such as disease transmission, predation on livestock, sport hunting, fur trade).

All CSG members are actively involved in canid conservation and research, and serve as honorary advisers, bringing with them the experience and the knowledge gained in their professional careers.

The CSG is part of the Species Survival Commission of IUCN, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. The Wolf Specialist Group has now been merged into the CSG, bringing all the Canidae under one group.