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North Africa & the Middle EastPale fox Vulpes pallida

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English: Pallid Fox, African Sand Fox; French: Renard Pâlé; Spanish: Zorro Pálido

Data Deficient

The Pale Fox is distributed in the semi-arid Sahelian region of Africa. Although apparently widespread, it is rare and almost nothing is known about the species' biology, ecology or threats. It is provisionally listed as Data Deficient, but with the availability of further information it may be shown the species warrants listing as Least Concern.

Population trend:Unknown

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Habitat and Ecology:

Typically inhabiting very dry sandy and stony sub-Saharan desert and semi-desert areas, but extending to some extent southwards into moister Guinean savannas. Therefore, they have a very extensive distribution within an unstable and fluctuating ecological band lying between true desert and the Guinean savannas. May occur near human habitation and cultivated fields where food is more readily available than in natural habitats (Rosevear 1974).