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Canid Biology & Conservation

Recent Issues

22.5 New records for the Pampas fox in the Atlantic Forest
by Carlos R. Brocardo, Vanilce Pereira, Hamilton Mendes and Luís Eduardo da S. Delgado
(pdf 315.62kb)
22.4 New distribution record of dhole from northern Western Ghats, India
by Anish Pardeshi, Rohan V. Joglekar and Sunil Limaye
(pdf 409.87kb)
22.3 First camera trap record of bush dogs in the Paraguayan Upper Paraná Atlantic Forest
by Silvia Saldívar Bellassai, Víctor Martínez, Diego Guerrero, Walter Groehn, César Mendoza, Anthony J. Giordano and Tremaine Gregory
(pdf 710.29kb)
22.1 The grey wolf in Iraq: notes on its current distribution, major threats and conservation status
by Omar F. Al-Sheikhly, Mukhtar K. Haba, Laith A. Al-Obeidi and Husham K. Abdulzahra
(pdf 724.41kb)