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ResourcesCoyote (Canis latrans) diets: a meta-analysis

Coyote near Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Photo credit:

Coyote near Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Photo credit:


We are currently summarizing all available data on coyote Canis latrans diets in North America with a view towards meta-analyses of overall diet components and prey selection. We intend to analyze these by geographic region, ecoregion, human density (i.e. wilderness to urban), season, carnivore community composition, and coyote population characteristics (i.e. density, social organization).   While data on coyote diets are extremely abundant (100s of papers), and some very fine summaries exist, all are necessarily limited by space and time. We hope our analyses will provide novel insights on diet breadth and prey selection using ecological and biological metrics at scales not yet attempted. We will also provide suggestions on future coyote diet research, and on ways to report data that will expedite future analyses.  Anyone with data on coyote food habits, diets, or prey selection, with or without prey indices or abundance estimates, is encouraged to contact us with any papers, theses, or reports, published or unpublished, that we may be able to use.  All sources will be gratefully acknowledged.


Matt Hayward – School of Environmental and Life Sciences, University of Newcastle, Australia

Carl D. Mitchell – U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (retired), USA

Jan F. Kamler – WildCRU, University of Oxford, UK