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Herd Sheep

Photo: Credit: Keli Hendricks

Project: Project Coyote’s Ranching with Wildlife program promotes healthy habitats and ecosystems through coexistence among people, livestock, and wildlife. The program started as one pilot project in 1996 in Marin County, California the County Board of Supervisors decided to stop contracting with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services. As an alternative, in 2000 the Board approved a non-lethal cost-share program — the Marin County Livestock & Wildlife Protection Program — to assist ranchers with livestock-predator conflicts. The Program is a collaboration of local wildlife conservation organizations, ranchers, scientists, and county officials. Now in its 15th year, the program has directly and significantly reduced livestock losses while protecting wildlife.

Through our Ranching with Wildlife program, we work with communities and agencies to:

1) Foster coexistence;

2) Reduce conflicts with livestock with an emphasis on non-lethal methods;

3) Develop and implement proactive, long-term carnivore coexistence programs;

4) Field test predator deterrents;

5) Promote understanding and appreciation of the key ecological role of native carnivores.

We also speak to different audiences through presentations, film, publications, and social networking to expand the scope and use of the Marin non-lethal Program in other parts of the country, tailoring the model for each community’s needs.

Researchers: Camilla Fox, Michelle Lute, plus our Science Advisory Board (